What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online magazine and news portal aimed at the youth of Bangladesh. Stripe aims to entertain its readers while also engaging them with relevant and useful information, eventually instilling a greater sense of awareness and critical thinking in the nation’s youth.

The Stripe is a youth based facet of bdnews24.com, Bangladesh’s largest online news publisher, and holds itself to the boldness and high standards of journalistic integrity that bdnews24.com is known for.

Why ‘Stripe’?

A stripe, by definition, is a continuous band that is different from its surroundings in either colour, texture or form. A stripe is bold, has direction and distinguishes itself from everything around it, much like the youth of the nation the site caters to.

Our Leaders!

Stripe is currently run by editors Hammad Ali, Nuhash Humayun, Rashad W. Lateef, Sajid Sarker, and Zaian F. Chowdhury, collectively the core team.


17 Mohakhali C/A
Red Crescent Concord Tower
Dhaka, Bangladesh