Dark Souls III: New footage of upcoming game leaked | Stripe

Brand new footage of FromSoftware’s upcoming action-RPG Dark Souls III has recently been leaked online, featuring six minutes of gameplay showcasing the game and additions of new mechanics.

The gameplay footage was taken from a segment of FromSoftware’s recent developer livestream and posted online by YouTuber Gilmore Mizzi.



Immediately apparent is how strikingly familiar many of the mechanics for Dark Souls III seem from those of FromSoftware’s 2015 classic, Bloodborne.

Bloodborne shared much in terms of DNA with the Souls series, and it appears innovations on the title will be making its way back into Dark Souls III.

While longtime Souls series fans will attest to the frequent use of shielding, rolling, and back-stepping, Dark Souls III will feature a faster and more visceral combat experience.

New techniques include sidestepping — dashing was a new staple of Bloodborne, a magic meter — suggesting changes to bring spell-casting to prominence, and powerful backstabs — with a blood-gushing effect much akin to the combat in Yharnam.

This suggests that two-handed combat will be more viable with increased mobility options in comparison to Dark Souls I & II. Forsaking the slow back and forth of weapon strikes and shield guarding will keep more players on their toes.

New touches seen in the video includes the use of a new item that refills the magic meter, much like how the Estus Flask refills player health from past games.

Additions acknowledged by the developer in the past also include the introduction of Soul Arts.


There is nothing more left to be said here. (Source: FromSoftware)


Dark Souls III will release in the West on April 12 (Japan release on March 24), and will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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