Fifteen Musts in Music Videos 2015 | Stripe

Music videos have always been awesome to watch. But after the industry saw a painful and expensive consumption trend transition from TV to the Internet during the 2000s, music videos have now evolved into a medium unlike anything else in modern media culture. With the visuals striving to do more than merely complement the music, more and more music videos are being developed as full, unique experiences all on their own.

The immediate accessibility of content is forcing the more concerned artists to create visual and aural capacities cohesively and equalizing on their own distinctive levels, simply in order to involve their audiences as much as possible in the art of today. So basically, music videos are essentially irresistible these days and 2015’s offerings are no different.

This mix contains some of the past year’s most enjoyable instances of filmmaking and music production working together intuitively in 15 singular packages. This is 2015 in music videos.

Put your headphones on, hit play, and just let them in.


Raised on a steady diet of genre films, second wave hip hop, and Spider-Man paraphernalia, Rashad is a writer and editor at Stripe who once made a film about radioactive magic potato chips.